I’m writing this because the new Reebok Nano 9 and Nike Metcon 5 are out. The world needs to know which of these two flagship offerings are the best CrossFit shoes.

Best CrossFit Shoes

Like a well-rounded workout partner, a good pair of CrossFit shoes can make or break a workout. There are many qualities you look for in a CrossFit shoe, and you’ll find the most-rounded shoe is also the best type of shoes for CrossFit.

Now that the Reebok Nano release date has come and gone, and tens of thousands of athletes are picking sides. In the Nano vs. Metcon debate, I wanted to weigh in with my opinion. Whether you’re a seasoned pro like me, on the hunt to find some CrossFit shoes for beginners, you can’t do better than Reebok CrossFit shoes.

The Nano 9 is a great shoe for all forms of fitness.

The Reebok Nano 9 CrossFit Shoe

While the Reebok Nano 8 was an incredible shoe, the Reebok Nano 9 is a giant leap into the future of cross-training shoes. Even if you’re an avid Nike Metcon fan and are exploring the world of Metcon alternatives. This may be the shoe for you.

The Nano 9 CrossFit shoe has the stability you want for lifting, and the flexibility you crave for your running workouts. It takes the Reebok Nano Flexweave material to the next level. It feels lighter, more durable, and more flexible. All at the same time.

Because of the reinforced structure, the light build, and flexibility for running, the Reebok Nano 9s are the best shoes to wear for CrossFit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As a long-time competitive athlete, I’ve worn a lot of shoes and get asked a lot of questions about them. Maybe you bought those shiny new Rich Froning shoes and you’re wondering if it’s already time to upgrade. Or you’re looking for something less painful to run in. Here are some of the most common CrossFit shoe questions I get asked:

Are these CrossFit shoes women can wear?

Yes, these are still great ladies CrossFit trainers. Reebok has invested a lot of time and effort to make sure the women’s nano shoes are also the best female CrossFit shoes on the market. I wouldn’t compete in anything else.

Camille doing odd-object work in her Reebok Nanos.

I just bought the Reebok Froning 1 shoes. Should I upgrade?

The Reebok Froning 1 shoes (also known as the Rich Froning RF1) are one of the most comfortable shoes out there. But the Froning 1 shoe doesn’t have all the innovative goodness of the Reebok Nano 9. Despite being a distant cousin in design and materials.

Is the Nano 9 a good CrossFit running shoe?

Using the term “CrossFit running shoes” has been a contradiction for years. Either you get the stability and flat sole needed for an explosive lifting position, or you get the increase drop and flexible sole for running. It doesn’t say much, but these are some of the best CrossFit shoes for running.

For the first time, I could even say these are GOOD shoes for CrossFit and running. If you’re looking for the best CrossFit shoes for running WODs with no non-running activities, I would still opt for a solid running shoe.

Are these also the best shoes for rope climbs?

Some people like the Nike Metcon for the shoe’s signature rope grip. I would argue a sharper edge on the Reebok Nano 9s make them the best shoes for rope climbs. This could boil down to a preference, and many people will decide the best CrossFit shoes for rope climbing based on the technique their use on the rope.

What if I’m looking for a cheap CrossFit shoe?

Yes, CrossFit shoes can be expensive, but a good pair will last you a long time. Are you budget-conscious and on the hunt for the best budget CrossFit shoe, or the cheapest CrossFit shoe deal? We’re only a few short months away from an annual Reebok CrossFit Black Friday sale. Their deal in 2018 was half off. Something to ask for or look forward to!

Are there any CrossFit shoes with a wide toe box?

If this is your first pair, and you’re worried about CrossFit shoes with a wide toe box, don’t be. CrossFit sneakers are designed to have a roomie toe box.

What are the best CrossFit shoes with arch support?

One of the most common questions I get when it comes to shoes is what are the best CrossFit shoes with arch support. The Under Armour Tribase Reign spent a short period of time with the best arch support. Yes, there are Under Armour CrossFit shoes!

Now that it’s released, I can say (hands-down) the Reebok Nano 9 has the best arch support in the business.