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Recent Blog Posts

  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s Ultimate Guide to Burpees Burpees: CLB’s Ultimate Guide - Burpees are one of the most useful movements in fitness. Against the grain of a trend-based industry, this movement has been a fixture for decades. The simple four-count burpee is the creation of Royal H. Burpee. Royal was an American physiologist. He first wrote about his famed exercise in his Columbia University thesis. As the [...]
  • Here are some changes you can make to your programming to see better results Mastering the Art of Programing - Absolutes for Effective Programming Effective programming is represented by an increase in overall fitness, not just gains in a single area. As athletes, we are greedy.  We don’t just want to be strong, fast, good at gymnastics or weightlifting, or short or long tasks, but we want to be good at everything. Programming for general [...]
  • Camille reinvents the original CrossFit workout to be more effective Building on the “Original” CrossFit Warm-Up - In 2003, coach Greg Glassman wrote the article titled: “A Better Warm up” in the CrossFit Journal. This article drew conclusions on the potential benefits of practicing functional movement patterns as an alternative to traditional cardio warm ups in a steady state. The increased benefits of this warm up includes the following: Raising the core [...]
  • Here are some ways you can get the most back for your buck out of your training Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck Out of Your Training - Segmented Training produces segmented results. Separating cardio, from strength, from gymnastics training doesn’t provide nearly the same type of results as mixed modal workouts under intensity. If you think you can get your cardio in the morning, then do your strength work in the afternoon and truly be prepared for life, you are mistaken. Just [...]
  • Camille Leblanc-Bazinet shares some tips for athletes just getting into strength training Athletes in the early stages of strength training - Virtually any method of strength training will illicit a response in a novice, detrained or untrained lifter. A program with any significant level of intensity, weather it be lifting soup cans, P-90-X, INSANITY, CrossFit, or Westside Barbell’s conjugate method, will enhance the strength of an individual in just a few months. For this reason it [...]
  • This is Camille's top piece of workout equipment for travel - and it's TSA-friendly #1 Tool for the Fit Traveler - The jump rope is a great tool for aerobic conditioning. It allows for a potent, sustained cardiovascular effort that will provide a challenge in any workout. Using the jump rope also requires and develops many neurological skills such as coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. That is why fighters love using the jump rope as a [...]