Bodybuilding + Functional Fitness… for women.

Written entirely by Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Feroce Fitness daily programming is the perfect balance between functionality and body aesthetics for maximum results.

With three programming tracks available for all members, we leave no room for excuses:

TRIM – Designed to be done at home or in a hotel gym, Trim includes daily bodyweight training sessions that use hypertrophy technique and calisthenics to grow your muscle and increase your fitness.

SCULPT – Maximal results with minimal equipment! Sculpt combines bodybuilding concepts and high intensity workouts using a pair of dumbbells, a jump rope, and resistance bands.

BUILD – Advanced programming for athletes looking to add muscle mass in a safe and effective way. Build blends bodybuilding concepts with high intensity workouts using full gym access. Our Build programming track will get you in the best aesthetic and shape of your life!

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Daily Abs Program



Written by Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, this collection of complexes is designed to fire up your core in only ten minutes or less each day. Whether you’re a CrossFitter seeking a rock-solid core, a mother finding her strength post-pregnancy, or simply a woman desiring a sculpted midsection, “Daily Abs” is for you.

Daily Abs is an online program, available through our Feroce Fitness app anytime, anywhere. This recurring subscription is only $10/month, with new workouts each day.

Start your journey with “Daily Abs” today!

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Booty Builder Program


Introducing our scientifically-backed Online Booty Builder Program, the definitive guide to sculpting a stronger, curvier posterior. Our program delivers powerful results by combining the principles of progressive overload, metabolic stress, and time under tension, fostering impressive hypertrophic effects.

Our Booty Builder Program is an online offering, available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Start with a free one-month trial, and if you love the results (which we know you will!), continue with a recurring subscription.

Are you ready to build a booty you’re proud of? Try our Online Booty Builder Program and feel the difference!

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What is Féroce Nutrition?

Let us take this off your plate. Designed by experts in nutrition and taste-tested for deliciousness, Feroce Nutrition is your key to long-term healthy living! We focus on balancing macronutrients throughout your day and intentionally timing meals to fuel your body, mind, and lifestyle. We’re eating on purpose and with purpose.

Membership Includes:

  • Weekly Macro-Friendly Meal Plans
  • Recipes to match each weekly plan with High-Protein, Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Desserts
  • Grocery Shopping List coordinated with each weekly plan

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It’s time to reset!

Our next 30 DAY FIT & TRIM CHALLENGE kicks off January 1st! Learn the science and habits behind a sustainable lifestyle of building muscle, burning fat, and fueling your body in this transformative challenge.

Challenge Includes:

  • Workouts that have been custom designed for each day of the challenge to progressively sculpt and strengthen your body
  • Meal Plans for 4 full weeks, including access to Feroce Nutrition that provides you with healthy and delicious protein-packed meals, recipes, and corresponding grocery shopping lists
  • Personalized weekly macronutrients prescriptions designed to hit your wellness goals
  • Direct Access to Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Feroce coaches through our private Facebook Challenge page. Buddy up with friends for motivation, check-in weekly, ask questions anytime!

Once signed up*, Feroce Fitness will email you details for the 30 Day Challenge.

*Clients will automatically be enrolled into Feroce Fitness Monthly Subscription at $38/month unless they cancel. Clients can cancel anytime by emailing

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Féroce focuses on appreciation of beauty and excellence. Our apparel is designed to support you in reaching your full potential by providing premium comfort in all that you do.