#1 Tool for the Fit Traveler

This is Camille's top piece of workout equipment for travel - and it's TSA-friendly

The jump rope is a great tool for aerobic conditioning. It allows for a potent, sustained cardiovascular effort that will provide a challenge in any workout. Using the jump rope also requires and develops many neurological skills such as coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. That is why fighters love using the jump rope as a […]

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Upper Body Training For Lightning-Fast Size and Strength

One of our favorite workouts for size and strength

Ok broseph or brosephina, it’s time to get those spaghetti strings you call arms into gear. Many of us are looking to put on upper body size and strength. Going to the gym and wandering around aimlessly produces no results. You need a good plan. The fastest way to put on good muscle in to […]

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Affiliates, You’re Doing CrossFit Wrong!

Camille discusses how affiliates are approaching CrossFit the wrong way

One of the biggest links missing in CrossFit programs across the world is a lack of coaching and a misunderstanding of how and when to apply intensity. We measure our fitness and results. Those results are driven by intensity. Expressing intensity is dependent upon mastering and refining technique.  You learn, refine and master mechanics of […]

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