Féroce Holiday Survival Guide (eBook)



Product Description

This 54-page ebook is packed full of healthier versions of your favorite holiday recipes! No need to deprive yourself this holiday season or worse, derail all that progress you’ve been making throughout the year. Head in to the New Year feeling confident & healthy with Féroce Fitness at your side.

Along with tons of healthy recipes, we’ve included plenty of practical tips & behavioral strategies to help you cultivate the right kind of mindset & approach to your nutrition this season. Féroce Fitness is here to support you with a healthy, balanced lifestyle. That means you can enjoy some pumpkin pie & still stay on track with your goals!


Who is this for?

Anyone who struggles to stay on track with their nutrition during the holiday season. This ebook provides you with tons of helpful advice & strategies to manage social occasions as well as developing better habits & behaviors around food.


Contents include:

  • 26 recipes – Breakfast, Apps, Sides & Mains; Desserts
  • Article – 5 Tips to Hack the Holidays
  • Article – The Struggle is Real | Overcoming Holiday Pressures
  • Infographic – Holiday Health Hacks (the highlights)
  • Special discount code to spend in store!


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