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Welcome to my program! I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you and introducing you to my style of training. During this upcoming journey, you will sweat, laugh and be challenged in ways you never have before, but in the end, it will all be worth it!

Here is what I have in store for you:


I have an extensive background in sports and athletics and have drawn on all that experience to create the program you see here today. The program is a combination of functional fitness and aesthetic training, and it will get you into the best shape you ever thought possible — mentally and physically.

My program is broken down into segments where each one builds on the last, for a progressive experience that moves you forward at a steady pace while preventing injury and burnout.

WEEKS 1-4 Building a Foundation and Developing Strength

5 Workouts
+ 1 Active Recovery Day

During this segment, you’ll be creating a foundation on which you will build your physique and your strength. You’ll be introduced to some of the fundamentals of my programming, such as EMOM, AMRAP, and rounds for time (more on those later), and will use compound, functional-training moves in your workouts. Each workout wraps up with one or two finishers, during which you’ll focus on a specific body part for focused training.

My workouts might be a new way of training for some of you, but no matter what your background is, these workouts will increase your knowledge about your own body and your confidence in its abilities. You’ll learn what weights work for you, what is too heavy or not heavy enough, and you’ll begin to push your boundaries intensity-wise, so you learn how to pace for different workout durations.

Lastly, the goal of this program is all about building a sustainable lifestyle that will keep you fit for life. No more yo-yo type of training where you get in and out of shape or where you hit a plateau and get bored and move on. Each day in this program takes about 30-40min with minimal equipment that you can do during your vacation, at home or at a club fitness gym and get the maximum results while staying healthy and by building sustainable habits.

WEEKS 4 – and forever ☺ Let’s get to work!

5 Workouts + 1 Active Recovery Day

Now that you’re familiar with a lot of the moves we will be using, it’s time to step up the intensity. You’ll notice a boost in workout volume, and I encourage you to ramp up in terms of speed and/or load to get the most out of the rest of this program.

You might see a few of the workouts you did in weeks 1 to 4 repeated here — this is a pattern that will continue throughout the program and will help you see your progression with real, tangible numbers. Refer back to your journal to see how you did the last time you completed that workout, then try to meet or beat your score this time around!


In this program, you will see both rest days and active recovery days. Pure rest days are simple; Don’t do any kind of physical activity. These complete days off are imperative for recovery because this is when your body repairs and rebuilds your muscles and other systems to make you stronger and give you more endurance.

During active recovery days, you’ll choose a cardio activity that you like — jogging, hiking, walking, yoga — and will do it at an easy to moderate pace for the duration of the programmed workout. This kind of easy activity helps loosen up your muscles, flush metabolic wastes out of your system and alleviate soreness. It will also help you get used to more volume while helping you recover. Note: For this to be effective, however, you have to make sure you only work at an easy to moderate pace. Any more intense than that and you’re not recovering — you’re training again.


For each and every workout, you should be doing a warm-up and a cool-down. I recommend beginning with 5 to 10 minutes of easy cardio activity to get blood moving into your muscles so they are warm and pliable. Anything from rowing to running to jumping rope is an acceptable activity. I also recommend performing some active stretches such as leg swings, arm circles, cat/cow and the like to move your limbs through their full range of motion and get them ready to work. You also can warm up by performing exercises using only your bodyweight to prime your central nervous system for that movement pattern before you start to add load and/or volume.

Cooling down allows your body and heart rate to return to normal, and I recommend a few minutes of easy activity such as walking immediately after training, followed by some static stretching, foam rolling and/or trigger-point therapy using a lacrosse ball. This helps release muscle tension and break up tight fascial adhesions, allowing blood to flow more freely and accelerate recovery.


You will see several runs in my program, and though I do prefer you to run, you can do any other form of cardio you like — swimming, biking, rowing and the like. Here is a conversion table from meters to seconds/minutes so you can see how long you need to perform your alternative activity to make the equivalent of the running distance programmed:

Distance, Time

  • 100m, 45 sec. 
  • 150m, 60 sec. 
  • 200m, 90 sec.
  • 400m,  3 min. 
  • 1000m, 7-8 min. 
  • 1 mile (1600m), 10 min. 
  • 5k, 25-30 min.


For all workouts in all phases, I recommend keeping a journal or a log of your scores. Keep track of what weight you used, how long the workout took and how many rounds and/or reps you got for a particular workout. When a workout repeats, I will ask you to look back at your log and see what your score was for that day, then try to meet or beat it the next time you do it.

Journaling allows you to track your progress and see where you have improved over the course of the program. It’s also super motivating!


There are several repeating workout formats you will see in my programming. If you are not familiar with them, here is a little cheat sheet:

AMRAP = As many rounds and/or reps as possible

For this kind of workout, you’ll repeat the programmed exercises for as many rounds/reps as possible using good form for the duration of the time indicated.

EMOM = Every minute on the minute

For this workout, you’ll be given a length of time (for example, eight minutes) and a number of exercises to perform. At the top of every minute, you’ll execute the indicated move(s) for a prescribed number of reps or length of time, then you will rest any remaining time. You’ll begin to work again at the top of the next minute, and you will continue this pattern until your time runs out.


This short, four-minute workout alternates between 20 seconds of work performed at all-out intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, a cycle that repeats eight times.


You’ll see a variety of workouts that are programmed for time. Here, you’ll want to execute the workout moves with good form but still move as quickly as possible to get a good score. A lot of time, success with this kind of workout has to do with pacing and choosing the correct weight, so think about these workouts after reading them or seeing the videos, and start them with a plan in mind.


A repetition of an exercise has two parts: The concentric (positive) contraction shortens a muscle, and the eccentric (negative) contraction lengthens it against a load. In a biceps curl, for example, curling a weight up to your shoulder is the positive portion and lowering back to the start is the negative.

Your body is much stronger in the eccentric than it is in the concentric contraction, and I take advantage of this by integrating negatives into your finishers. You’ll see them programmed as taking two seconds, so from the top of the move all the way to the bottom should take you the entire two seconds. Make sure you stick to that range for optimal results.


A superset is simply two exercises that are done back-to-back with no rest in between. This increases your time under tension and incites quicker change.

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    1. As of right now, we are planning on being a separate program but it will all be on this website 🙂

  1. I am not in Facebook, I deleted my account over 10 years ago. I understand that with this program, a private Facebook community is a part, however is it critical to success and participation with this program to join Facebook again?

  2. Hi. I’m very in the “Jacked Unicorn” Program. My question is: is it suitable for People who haven’t mastered all the crossfit movements like Bar muscle up, Ring muscle up and Chest to bar? My first goal is to achieve and master These movements. Can i achieve this goal with this program?

  3. Hi, I have been doing CrossFit for 7 years but now I’m pregnant so want to take a step back and your programme looks like just what I’m looking for. Do I need to do the first 4 weeks foundation or is it possible to start from week 5?

    1. Hi Sarah! You can start from week 5 if you feel confident where you’re at right now. With 7 years of CrossFit I’m sure you’ll be fine. Please reach out in our private Facebook group once you’re signed up if you need additional modifications to meet your needs & situation. 🤗 Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

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