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Never leave yourself asking “What If”



Keirstein’s own experiences with health and fitness have made her realize how impactful nutrition is in many facets of our lives. Finding flexible eating has provided clarity to her nutrition where it used to be fraught with confusion. Keirstein is excited to help others implement this lifestyle and be the support system they need on their journeys. Look good, feel good and don’t suffer to get there. 


Keirstein grew up around an active family that was always involved in some kind of sport but Keirstein wasn’t into sports at all. She ate her way through school without weight gain but after graduating, her metabolism finally caught up with her and she found she wasn’t able to eat whatever she wanted anymore! Keirstein went from 120lbs to 150lbs at 5’4, and for the first time ever, found herself having to think about her nutrition. She became unhappy with her appearance and so did what most people do; she started working out in a conventional gym and ate what she thought was “healthy” at the time. Soon enough she was jumping from diet to diet and fad to fad trying to find something that worked. Everything she tried was impossibly strict or left her feeling low energy and sluggish. Finally in 2016 Keirstein started going to CrossFit at North Naples CrossFit and that’s when her life completely changed. 

At the time she had no idea what she was doing with school. She was the girl going to college because it was the “right” thing to do. She had no plan and was constantly switching career paths. About a year later Keirstein decided to quit school when she realized that fitness and health were where her passion lay. Keirstein loved what she learnt in the CrossFit community and from her coaches a the box. She learnt how to eat to fuel her body, she performed better and felt amazing and couldn’t believe that all this could be achieved without having to suffer some insane strict diet. Keirstein decided to intern at North Naples CrossFit and also enroll for the Precision Nutrition certification so that she could pursue her passions and help others enjoy the same quality of life she now experiences every day. 


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Own Your Eating Nutrition Certificate Course


Favorite Food:

Favorite Place:
Anywhere warm and sunny

Favorite show:
Shark Tank

Something you recommend trying:⁣
An early morning class 5am or 6am and enjoying the feeling of your workout being out of the way. It gives you such a sense of accomplishment & really starts your day on a productive & positive note!