At Féroce we have worked extensively with thousands of clients. What we’ve found is that an individualized approach to nutrition typically delivers the best results because it focuses on sustainability for the individual. We directly help you apply nutrition principles to your unique lifestyle, allowing you to build healthy habits and routines that you can stick to for good!


Weekly Meal Plans

Looking to clean up your diet and take the guesswork out of what to eat? Welcome to Feroce Nutrition! In this monthly program, you will receive weekly meal plans, coordinating recipes, weekly grocery shopping list and a Macronutrient Breakdown. You will eat healthy and delicious food that has been crafted to provide you with the energy needed to work hard and build muscle but not maintain body fat Our unique formula will have you eating a clean and well-balanced diet that will support you on your health and fitness journey.

Included in Program:

  • Weekly Meal Plan that is macronutrient balanced
  • Weekly Grocery Lists
  • Recipes



Our approach to nutrition focuses on 5 core principles:

  • Adequacy – consuming enough of each type of food (carbohydrates, fats & protein)
  • Balance – creating balanced meals & a well-proportioned macronutrient prescription;
  • Calorie control – not too many or too few calories
  • Moderation – enjoy your treats but learn how to moderate intake of fat, salt, or sugar
  • Variety – promoting optimal health by consuming a broad range of foods (taking care of your micronutrient needs).

We help you tailor these principles to your lifestyle & goals to provide you with a fully customized experience.

We currently offer 3 Program Options which provide you with different levels of coaching & resources.

Not quite sure where to start on your nutrition journey? Then grab our Feroce Nutrition E-Book for FREE!



  • Do you work with all types of people?
  • Do I have to workout to do this program?
  • What if the coach I want to work with has a wait list?
  • How do I cancel?
  • What supplements should I be taking?
  • Should I track my vitamins, supplements, fish oil, gum and spices?
Do you work with all types of people?

Yes we do! We’ve worked with thousands of clients across every demographic. Young, old, elite athletes, busy parents, overweight, underweight & those simply driven by improving their health markers. We have a coach who will fit your needs and help you accomplish your goals. The only exception we make is for those with an active Eating Disorder. We recommend you seek professional counselling before embarking on a nutrition coaching program with Féroce.

Do I have to workout to do this program?

No you do not. We’re in the business of creating healthy dietary changes, and although a workout program can be an added benefit to leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s not a requirement. If you are interested in starting a fitness program, take a look at our Féroce Fitness membership. We have programs that are designed to be suitable for those who work out at home with limited access to equipment.

What if the coach I want to work with has a wait list?

You can still select a coach with a wait list from the application form. You will receive an email letting you know that you’ve been added to that coaches wait list, and you will be notified again when they have an opening. It’s difficult for us to give a time frame on how long the wait will be as it’s very dependent on when a coach has a cancellation.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. During your initial 3 months we do not issue refunds if you decide to cancel. If you believe a refund is warranted please send us an email to

To cancel your ongoing monthly membership, simply send your coach a message 3 business days prior to your bill date and they can take care of it for you.

What supplements should I be taking?

Supplements are designed to be taken to support a healthy, balanced diet. Ideally, they are not taken for the long-term, but may be beneficial during periods when you’re travelling or if you’re blood-work has shown specific micronutrient deficiencies. That being said, there are some common micronutrients that are lacking in our western diet and we take extra measures to ensure our bodies are getting all that good stuff. We recommend the following:

  • A daily multi-vitamin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D (if you spend very little time outside, work shifts, or live in a climate with little sunlight)
  • Magnesium
  • Fish oil

To ensure that you’re not wasting your money, check-in with your coach for more specific recommendations.

Should I track my vitamins, supplements, fish oil, gum and spices?

Yes, if you are tracking your macronutrients with your coach, we recommend you track everything. It will surprise you how many of these things do have calories. Even if you’re not “tracking” (weighing & measuring your food) it’s best practice to check the nutrition label. Ask your coach for further advice about what to avoid.