Curious about equipment needed for Féroce? Read this.

The Féroce program focuses on building a better body through functional fitness and aesthetic-oriented principles.

This program is for anyone, and can be done at any gym or at home.

If you’re looking to lose some weight, put on some muscle, or be a healthier human, Camille has your back.

Féroce FAQ

What is Féroce?

What’s Included in the Féroce Program?

Learn about what exclusive resources are included in your CLB Fitness Féroce membership.

What kind of equipment is needed for Féroce?

There are a few pieces of equipment you’ll want to buy or have access to when working with Camille on this program. Here’s what she recommends:

  • Pull-Up Bar*
  • Dumbbells
  • Plyometric Box (typically wooden)
  • Jump Rope
  • Sturdy Wall
  • Exercise Bands
  • Exercise Band Loops

*Though Camille does recommend getting an actual pull-up bar, either free-standing or one that fits in a doorjamb, you can get creative here and think outside the box (and your house!) Go to a local playground or high school and do pull-ups on the jungle gym or under the bleachers.

What Fitness Level Do You Need to Be at for Féroce?

In this video, Camille talks you through why you don’t need to be at any base fitness level to start the CLB Fitness Féroce program.

How long are Féroce workouts?

The functional fitness portion of a Féroce workout will typically take less than fifteen minutes, with the finishers taking about ten minutes. Take a look at our example workout here.

Does Féroce need to be done in a CrossFit® gym?

Féroce does incorporate quality functional fitness elements into its training, but is designed to be done with minimal equipment. Workouts can be done in any gym and most people will be able to do them at home.

Where Did Féroce Come From?

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet discusses the origins of her Féroce training program, oriented at providing some structure and programming for everyday people in any gym.

What kind of a workout can I expect?

Workouts come with a warmup, flow session, functional fitness workout, and two ferocious finishers. Here’s an example of a functional fitness workout:

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Do you have any Féroce testimonials?

Hundreds of people worked with Camille on testing Féroce before we launched. Here’s what they had to say:

It’s just what I needed. Thank you Camille for starting this program. While I used to be an amateur Crossfitter, I noticed it became difficult for me to initiate working out after having two kids. Having a clearly laid out plan is key. Mustering the time and energy to workout is a challenge in itself, so having a thoughtfully prepared game plan is vital. I love that your workouts are explained succinctly and the videos are short but easy to follow. My shoulders hurt yesterday and I realized I hadn’t been pushed beyond my comfort zone in a long time. Thank you!


The workouts themselves have been challenging, but not so much so that I am unable to complete them. I have been looking for something like this for a while. It is exactly what I need.


Thanks to Féroce Fitness, I can enjoy an efficient functional fitness program, with videos explanations, which pushes me out of my comfort zone and achievable in any gym. I can do my workout during my lunch break and spend more time with my wife after work. The feeling of belonging to a community thanks to the Facebook group is also a big plus for the motivation! Merci à Camille et à toute la Féroce Team!