It’s tine to test our progress! You may notice this week that a couple of workouts are familiar. Once in a while we’ll be repeating a previous workout to assess the efficacy of the program.

We want to be able to compare our scores and bring a clinical approach to our results! It’s always fu to know that we’re getting stronger and fitter.  🙌

Enjoy this peek into your progress after a hard-fought month of fitness.


Warm Up

Let’s get in our usual five to ten minutes of easy cardio. Get the blood flowing and embrace the opportunity to sweat a little.


Functional Fitness

Five rounds for time of:

  • 200-meter run
  • 15 knee raises
  • 20 no push-up burpees


Remember, you’ve done these finishers before. This is your opportunity to go heavier and harder on them.

Three rounds of:

  • 8 Bulgarian split squats, per leg (3-second negative)
  • 8 alternating leg raise, per leg (3-second negative)

Then, complete five sets of ten, hang dumbbell cleans:

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