Welcome to Féroce! The brainchild of CrossFit Games Champion, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Féroce provides fitness & nutrition coaching with sustainability & optimal health in mind.

What does Féroce mean?
With her French-Canadian roots, Camille chose the french word Féroce, meaning fierce, to embody the spirit & sentiment of the brand.

To be fierce is to be both strong & powerful but also fiercely confident in your appearance and your capacity to do anything you set your mind to! If you don’t feel this way now, you will! That’s our promise.



In today’s busy world, training smart is just as important as training hard. We hate to see people putting in too much time at the gym, running themselves into the ground, & not achieving the desired results. Feeling a million bucks & being fit for life does not need to be so hard!

Our fitness programming provides the perfect blend of functional fitness & bodybuilding in 60 minutes or less, so that you get the balance you need both physically & mentally. It’s designed to support you in leading a happier & healthier life!


Learning how to eat – not just understanding nutrition, but becoming aware of food behavior & eating patterns – is an essential component of healthier living & improved success with training for performance and aesthetics.

We believe that education is power. Our nutrition programs are designed to provide you with practical information and nutrition tools, so that you become empowered to take charge of your own nutrition. Beyond that, we help you develop your behavioral awareness & beliefs around food. You can expect to enjoy a more healthful relationship, free from a dieting mindset and a culture of restriction. Simply put, our goal is to help you make sense of your nutrition so that you no longer need us.


We focus on appreciation of beauty and excellence so you can feel confident inside & outside the gym. Féroce’s exclusive line of apparel is custom designed by Camille to support anyone with an active lifestyle.

The Féroce weight lifting belts are multi-functional adapting to suit the needs of our athletes. Our belts provide premium support when you need it the most and are 100% compliant with USAW regulations. Easily set your belt with our quick-release system so you can move as fast as you want to in any metcon.


The unicorn is symbolic of success. In mythology, the unicorn is a magical being, the master of “transformation”, bestowing gifts of infinite possibilities, wisdom and the pursuit of dreams.

At Féroce, our goal is to provide you with sustainable lifestyle tools so that you feel empowered, motivated & disciplined to maintain your healthy habits today, tomorrow & for life. We don’t want you to just meet your expectations, we want you to exceed them! We know how scary it is to make a change, but we’re here to support you in making your dreams a reality every step of the way!