5 Habits ruining your hormonal health


What my NICU Journey taught me!

As I fought to regain my health after the challenging NICU journey with my newborn, I made a startling discovery. Many of the habits I thought were helping me were, in fact, wreaking havoc on my hormonal health. 💔

Without even realizing it, countless women engage in these behaviors daily, suffering in silence and taking two steps back for every step forward. Let’s break the cycle and shine a light on these silent health disruptors.🔦

1️⃣ Caffeine Overload: The lifeline of many tired mamas, but it can kick our cortisol levels into overdrive

. 2️⃣ Calorie Deficit: In our quest to shed baby weight, we may starve our body of the fuel it needs to regulate hormones

. 3️⃣ Carb Binging: Refined carbs and sugars can create a hormonal whirlwind

. 4️⃣ Stress: It’s a part of life, but chronic stress can upend our hormonal balance.

5️⃣ Lack of Sleep: Essential for healing and recovery, a lack of sleep can throw our hormones into disarray.

By understanding these potential pitfalls, we can start to take steps in the right direction, prioritize our hormonal health, and navigate the postpartum journey with grace and strength.

Your body is amazing, Mama, and with the right knowledge and tools, you can help it recover and thrive. 💪💕 Stay tuned for more insights on this journey. #PostpartumJourney #HormoneHealth”

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Xo- Camille

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