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Stuck in your home! No Problem! We got your back! This program is built to fit your lifestyle while we are stuck in our own homes. We can learn to have a sustainable lifestyle. Learn to fuel ourselves properly. Learn to cook with the entire family. Create nutritional games for the entire family. Build great habits that carry on into the future. And learn to control what you can when things are out of your control.



If you are stressed about how to stay on top of your nutrition and your fitness regimen know that you are not alone. This is exactly why we created this 30 days challenge to help you stay positive and accountable through the rough time that we are all experiencing. Either to get out of a rut or if you need guidance, this challenge is perfect for you!

When: Starting April 1, 2020.
Who: All ages around the world. Nutrition & workouts for you, your friends & family.
Price: $14.99

1st Place – 3 Months Free of Feroce Fitness Membership
2nd – 5th Place – Feroce Swag

What’s included:

Macronutrients Prescription

Learn how to follow your calorie intake
Learn how to have a flexible diet
Learn about food and how to make wise choices

Workouts at Home for 30 Days

Zero equipment needed
Morning Cardio
High intensity fitness
Targeted finisher
We show you how to makeshift your equipment
Bodyweight + lifting

Daily points and a leaderboard to see where you stand amongst peers

Track your daily score
Compete with your friend
Stay accountable via our app design just for this challenge

Daily Tasks

Macros are more flexible while limited to food during this
Set daily small goal
Keep moving forward
Stay accountable to small achievable goal everyday

Daily Mindset

Develop awareness
Learn how to stay more positive
Stay focus on what matters
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