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The objective of this challenge is to trim your waist and give you more energy by providing you with a balanced and clean diet. Feroce has created a unique and highly effective formula that will not only educate you on the right ways to eat but will instruct you daily on how, when and what to eat. Each week you will be given a new macro prescription based on your progress to hit your target goal. You will eat delicious and healthy food that will provide you with the fuel needed to burn off fat but not muscle.

When: Starting November 9, 2020.
Price: $42

Follow The Steps Below!

1) Purchase the Challenge by clicking the button above. If you are an existing member, please click “login“ to complete your purchase, otherwise you will “continue as guest“
2) You will receive a confirmation email with your login & password. Please use this information to log into the app**
3) Challenge content will be added to the app on the first day of the Challenge, 11/9

What’s included:


Learn how to reset your hormones
Learn how to time your food properly
Learn how to really utilize your storage as fuel
Learn how to eat to get shredded
Learn how to follow your calorie intake
Learn how to have a flexible diet
Learn about food and how to make wise choices

Daily points and a leaderboard to see where you stand amongst peers

Access to our private community
Track your daily score
Compete with your friends
Stay accountable via our app designed just for this challenge

Daily Tasks

Macros are more flexible while limited to food during this
Set daily small goal
Keep moving forward
Stay accountable to small achievable goal everyday


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